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Tourism Australia

Kollectiv had been creating concepts for advertising at Fairfax. Many of these covered the tourism, hotel and restaurant industry including work for Tourism Australia. With this proven experience, Tourism Australia approached Kollectiv. They wanted us to roll out their latest Tourism Australia book design. This latest campaign, entitled ‘Restaurant Australia,’ was aimed at the restaurant industry.

The brief

The campaign was to roll out across all Australian restaurants. Most importantly, its main function was to educate the food industry. It would be using the data that Tourism Australia had collected from their research. This research mainly covered international visitors and their take on Australian food. As a result, the restaurants would be more informed.  Consequently, this would help them tailor their menus and style to suit the market’s needs.

Tourism Australia needed concepts and design for the book. In addition, we managed it right through to choosing and managing a local printer.

The solution

Tourism Australia supplied the survey results to the editor, Lisa Hudson. Lisa is a highly-regarded food editor and has a great network of top Australian chefs. She assessed the information and rewrote it so it was more palatable. Kollectiv took this information and created infographics and charts to explain the research.

With this in mind, the only restrictions for design were to use the Restaurant Australia fonts. The photography was kindly given to us by photographers we had worked with previously. These included Anson Smart, Ian Butterworth and Jason Loucas.

Kollectiv work on a wide range of campaigns for the tourism industry. This also includes accommodation and food industries. Click here to see work we did for South Australia Tourism.


Tourism Australia