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Women in Design

Western Sydney University was holding lectures for their Graphic Design graduates. I decided to speak about a topic I was passionate about: The perception of Women in Graphic Design. In this lecture, I would address the pay gap, backed up by local and international statistics.


I felt that one way to make change was to get to the graphic designers before they went into the workforce. The half-hour presentation consisted of short workshops, role-plays and question time. I also showed videos to explain my viewpoint.


Most importantly, I had to create a strong Powerpoint presentation. It had to look dynamic and also had to get my message across. The research and statistics were the key and had to be the focus of the presentation. Each question had to hide the answers until the room had tried to guess. As I was speaking I could click on each of the points I was making.


The Women in Graphic Design lecture was incredibly insightful. Class interaction showed that the statistics I showed were alive and well in that room. The audience was half male/female and all went away a little bit more prepared to face the real world. To see the video, click here.


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Powerpoint is number one

Powerpoint is not the ideal tool to create detailed or perfectly type-set designs. However, 500 million people worldwide use Microsoft Powerpoint. This means it is an easily accessible platform. Kollectiv Studio creates fully-editable presentations that clients are able to work with. This saves time and money by not having to send the presentations back into the studio if edits are needed.


In addition, Kollectiv Studio creates user-friendly Powerpoint templates. We design affordable solutions for individual presentations, as well as small businesses to large corporations. Have a chat with us about how we can create a tailored solution for your business.


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