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Come to the Coast

Tourism Australia booked insert space with The Sydney Morning Herald Traveller magazine. Kollectiv came on board because we had past experience with tourism campaigns and magazines. Kollectiv came up with the Tourism Australia campaign concept for the magazine. Additionally, we designed and rolled-out the magazine. As a result, we worked very closely with the editor, Lynne Whiley to produce the magazine.

The Tourism Australia Campaign

Tourism Australia was wanting to promote a range of very different coastal locations. As a result, the magazine included all states. Each state had between one and four destinations. The reader would identify with at least one location featured in the magazine. Activities ranged from snorkelling at Heron Island to boating on the Tasmanian Peninsula. Locations spanned from Bunbury in Western Australia to Cairns in Queensland.

To ensure an easy-to-navigate 32-page magazine, we colour-coded each state. Additionally, this brought more colour to the magazine and complimented the chosen imagery. The images were supplied by Tourism Australia, and some were bought from image libraries.

Experts in Tourism

Kollectiv has a long history with promoting tourism and regions. For a range of Tourism campaigns we have worked on, click here. We also create work for local councils which can be found here.