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Body+Soul Social Media

With years of magazine editorial and print design under my belt, I soon switched to online and social media post design. Magazines were heading online, and they knew that online content was key. Gone were the days of just printing a magazine once a month. The magazine brand needed touchpoints online, especially across social media. This meant constantly keeping up-to-date with online trends. Additionally, it meant collaborating with like-minded brands and influencers.


With this in mind, I was asked to create some concepts for a social media post design for I had been pulling together concepts for other publications in their department such as, and In this instance, they didn’t want to use any photography or illustrations. They just wanted to use the words.


The brief

The editor of had gathered a range of quotes that needed designing. I decided to create purely typographical designs with elements of design to push the concept. Using a mix of old-style and modern fonts, I was able to breathe life into the quotes. As well as that, I tied the brand colours in the link to the brand. The quotes were to be liked and shared on social media, spreading the brand.


Kollectiv often works on social media posts, and more work can be found here.