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Faster Pussycat

Faster Pussycat was Australia’s largest retro and rockabilly fashion retail store, and they desperately needed help with their social media design and strategy. They had shops located in Melbourne, Sydney and online.

The fanclub

Faster Pussycat had a Facebook following of 11,634. Almost anyone that was interested in retro or rockabilly fashion was a fan of their Facebook page. The problem was that the posts were not engaging, so followers weren’t seeing their posts. The owner would only post pictures of items for sale in the shop. With this in mind, they needed a hard-working social media design and strategy that would work quickly.


The solution

Kollectiv had the opportunity to turn up the engagement. There was going to be a sale in three weeks, and the owner wanted more people interacting with the page.


We decided to run a competition. Vintage photographer, Mark Greenmantle was touring Australia with the US pin-up model Brittany Jean. We were offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be made-up by Brittany Jean and shot by Mark.


The competition took off and the engagement went through the roof. The total post reach went from 1859 to 24,600 within two weeks. The engagement went from 305 to 4,064 in the same time period.


To add to the success of the campaign, a local Newcastle newspaper picked up the competition and ran an article about the vintage photographer being in town.


The leaders in vintage design

Kollectiv regularly designs with a vintage style. We also collaborate with businesses who have mastered the vintage style such as pinstripers and sign-writers. Please click here to see a wedding invite we created in the vintage style.


Faster Pussycat Retail Store