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Kollectiv had been working with Social Ventures Australia (SVA) for a few years. As a result, the team at SVA asked us to create a brand and logo design. The brand and logo design was for a new project of Evidence for Learning. In this case, the new collaboration was called GEMS (Getting Evidence Moving in Schools).

Behind the brand

Evidence for Learning (E4L) was collaborating with various stakeholders within the education sector. Incubated by SVA, Evidence for Learning helps educators increase learning outcomes for their students. Therefore, they turn great practice into common practice in education. Teachers, school leaders and education policymakers would come together and share their research. Additionally, collaborating partners included Monash University and the NSW Department of Education, amongst others. The Government, Catholic and Independent schools use Evidence for Learning resources. They range from Year 1 to Year 12.

Pulling it together

The GEMs brand and logo design had to bring the Evidence for Learning brand guidelines into consideration. In fact, the new logo would sit within this brand. Additionally, it had to use the same or complementary colours and fonts. With this in mind, we wanted to overlap the brand colours to represent sharing research.


Kollectiv Studio does work for various not-for-profit organisations including the Black Dog Institute. If you would like to see more NFP or educational design, please click here.


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