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The Iconic Magazine

The Iconic team were tossing up the idea to produce a printed magazine. As a result, we were asked to collate a magazine concept and design for their consideration on behalf of Fairfax. The Iconic was Australia’s first large online fashion brand. Therefore, with no experience in publishing, they reached out to publishers for advice.

Fashion magazine design

With years of European and Australian fashion magazine experience, it was right up our alley. Having experience with brands such as Marie Claire and, gave us an insight into what the readers would want to see. Most importantly it would showcase The Iconic’s clothing. Additionally, it needed to cover a broad demographic to suit their client base.


The final magazine concept and design was a mix of illustration, flat lays, stunning photography and ‘style stalker’ imagery. The aim was to fit as many fashion items on the page as possible. Importantly, it was to not look like a catalogue. The Style Stalker section would show what Australians were currently wearing and caption similar item on The Iconic website. What’s trending would show what is in style,. It would link to their shop where they would have a collection of those styles. Finally, the ‘Best in Beauty’ pages would feature The Iconic’s beauty products.


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The Iconic / Fairfax