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Breitling Advertorial

Breitling felt that Fairfax Media was a good fit for their demographic. We had created numerous magazine advertorial design ideas for Fairfax and their clients. Because of this, we were asked to design a series for Breitling to run in Fairfax publications.


Magazine advertorial design

Breitling opted to run advertorials throughout Fairfax publications. This meant that it looked like editorial, but was related to the Breitling brand. IIn this way, it’s more trustworthy to the reader. All advertorials must state that its a paid piece, otherwise it’s misleading. The main objective of an advertorial is to be interesting to the reader without pushing the brand too much.


Breitling was one of the official sponsors for the Red Bull races. With that in mind, they decided to run stories about each race. The story was to feature photos and captions from the day. The advertorials needed to fit into the style of the magazine it was running in. Most importantly, it had to have a signature style to stand out from the other pages. This also helped link the advertorials.


Kollectiv has a background in high fashion, as the founder worked in European fashion magazines in her early career. For other examples of lifestyle design work, please click here.