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Rady Interiors

Christine Rady came to us via one of our other clients. Christine had recently started out as an interior designer after years in finance. She wanted us to launch her brand by producing her interior design brand identity.

About the client

Christine Rady positions herself as one of Sydney’s most customer-focused and versatile interior designers. Her agency specialises in fixing residential design issues. These include everything from refreshing indoor and outdoor spaces to a complete renovation of your home. Or even selecting an exterior paint colour that’s a point of difference to the neighbours. Her goal is to help you redesign your home into a more functional and beautiful space. And, at the same time, to make the experience for her clients enjoyable, creative and fulfilling.

The brief

Christine’s potential client base was primarily over 35 with family and empty nesters, possibly also the busy professional. She wanted options that reflected her style, but also with a strong art deco element. We also collaborated on the name to use, as this had not been thought through conclusively.


With this in mind, we produced three very different Interior design brand identity concepts to choose from. Each concept had three designs. Christine chose the more simple blue and white design which was printed by letterpress. The brand identity also included a wordmark as seen on the back of the card.


Kollectiv often works with business start-ups and small business. Click here to see the brand identity done for Crane Architecture.


Rady Interiors