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Homebuilder Promotion

Kollectiv has been working with Eden Brae Homes for over five years. Previously, we had worked on a brand refresh, award submissions and campaign concepts. For this reason, we were asked to come up with some ideas to promote their latest homebuilder promotion design.

Impactful, yet stylish design

Eden Brae Homes regularly advertise promotions that need a fresh, new look. The brief was to showcase a house from each series. Each series has a different colour which needs to seamlessly integrate with the flyer. The campaign had to be impactful, yet stylish.


The client wanted to show the house as large as possible. With this in mind, we decided to put the headline behind the silhouette of the house. The series colour is used in small highlights on the front. Additionally, the colour was used as the background on the other side of the flyer. A secondary colour was also used to work with the series colour.

Concept design

Kollectiv always presents at least three very different concepts to the client. Once the homebuilder promotion design concept was chosen, it was rolled out in as a newspaper ad. Additionally, it was printed as flyers for the display homes.


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