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UNSW Connections

Kollectiv began working with UNSW in 2019. The work is usually design overflow. Otherwise, it is larger projects that need more direct attention. Furthermore. Kollectiv often works directly with the faculty.

Kollectiv work on a wide range of design work. This includes document design, Powerpoint presentation design and educational infographic design.

Infographic brief

The ECAN Connections educational infographic design was pulled together for the UNSW Engineering Faculty. Connections is an ongoing ECAN Engineering seminar series themed on the priority areas. These include Biomedical and Health, Civil Environment, Enabling Technologies, Energy and Water

UNSW has very strict but stylish brand guidelines. Additionally, we had to adhere to the brand colours and fonts. However, we needed to illustrate the icons.

We pulled together three design concepts for this university infographic design. They featured a central theme, surrounded by the four other areas. These then had to be surrounded by a mix of people. Male and female and some from different cultures.

Various stakeholders in the UNSW Engineering Faculty had to approve the design. Finally, it had to be rolled out in five different versions. This was to represent the five key areas.

Kollectiv has also worked on similar design projects with the Black Dog Institute, a part of UNSW. To see some document design, click here.