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City of Sydney Heritage

The City of Sydney is proud of its heritage. With this in mind, it is important to keep the public informed on how to maintain their properties. This includes an easily accessible way to understand heritage colours. The City of Sydney Council approached us to create a council heritage guide design.

User-friendly design

For this project, we thought outside the box. The council heritage guide design was not only informative but was also designed to be a colour swatch. It was designed so the colours went down the side of the brochure. Rather than design ait as A4, we decided to make a tri-fold version. This meant that each edge could be used as a swatch. Homeowners could hold it up against their house to compare. They could also take the council heritage guide to the paint shop to match.

The design was integrated with the clean and stylish City of Sydney brand. The photos were supplied by the City of Sydney Heritage department. As a result, they were from local houses of various time periods to match the paint colours.


Designing for the community

Understanding the community and getting inside their head is important for council collateral design. Kollectiv has done a range of projects for the council that can be found here. We also design for homebuilders and architects which can be found here.