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Art & About

Kollectiv came onboard to help the City of Sydney Council design and roll out their council event design and marketing collateral. This included everything from hoarding, signage, events invite, and newsletters.


One of the major events was Art and About. The event took place throughout Sydney and surrounds. In regards to advertising, they needed posters, banners, newspaper and magazine ads. Printed collateral included party invites and maps. Additionally, online assets included banners and EDMs.


The City of Sydney paid for advertising in the usual mainstream publications. City of Sydney also supported the small businesses by buying advertising space in smaller, local, more niche publications.


Rolling out the artwork

The concept behind the Art & About Event was using a small range of bright colours. The text stands out as it is in a contrast colour. By jumbling up the words, they have a double meaning. The Art & About logo was always to sit in the centre of the artwork. The artwork was designed to stand out and make you think, rather than just walking past.


Design for local government

Similar to this council event design, Kollectiv works with a range of community and tourist boards in order to promote regions to travellers as well as locals. Please click here to see work we did for Tourism Australia.


City of Sydney