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Baxter & Black

Baxter & Black is Australia’s first artisan cobbler.

About the store

Baxter & Black was started in order to service shoes that were hard to repair. The average spend in a shoe repair store sat around $35. Baxter and Black intended for that to exceed $80. With this in mind, the brand had to be aimed at people who appreciated good craftsmanship and high-quality goods. This didn’t just mean high-earners, this also included people who looked for long-lasting value.

Inspiration from the past

I adored the look of the early 1900s apothecaries. With this in mind, I led the brand down the past of an early 1900s cobbler. This was reflected in the vintage logo and brand design, photography and eventually store design.

Vintage-inspired photography

When it came to photography, Brent Leideritz came to mind first. His work has an old-worldly feel and captures the artisan perfectly. Brent flew in from Adelaide and shot in a studio with all of the shop-fittings. The shop opened around a month later.


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