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Mountains Charm

This exciting Airbnb interior design project first came to life in September 2017, when we purchased this weatherboard weekender off an Airbnb host. Nestled on the side of a hill, it gazes over the breathtaking vistas of the Narrowneck cliffs and Mt Solitary.

Our first priority was to ensure the cottage had some ‘Instagram moments,’ as it would be used primarily as a short-term rental.

Although the floorboards and walls were original, the fireplace had sadly been removed. And this was something we set about rectifying, as nothing beats snuggling by the fire on a cold mountains’ day.

Out of this world

We really wanted the first bedroom to have a feeling of warmth. With this in mind, we purchased an old-world map file and used software to blow it up to billboard size. This file was then sent to a wallpaper printer who scaled and printed it to the correct size for the wall.

Whilst he was doing that, we prepared the boarded wall using Gyprock to ensure it was perfectly flat.

Finally, the map was carefully glued to the wall, ensuring the seams lined up perfectly.

Pride of place is given to the stylish and ultra-comfortable king-size bed from Ikea. But because of the simplicity of the bed frame, we added some interest with the striking bedside tables from Canal Interiors. This is further complimented by the artwork, featuring an antique dictionary with early Australian cockatoo prints.

The final touches to the ensemble were added with a vintage Chesterfield chair and Kauri pine wardrobe found on Gumtree.

A splash of individuality

We wanted the second room to be different from the first, so guests could have a choice of room to suit their personality.

The original fireplace had been boarded up. Undeterred, we took to Gumtree, and, after a lengthy search, unearthed a fireplace mantle that was perfectly restored and the perfect price.

To further enhance the eclectic feel, we found a vintage Indian screen, painted it white with chalk paint, and used it as a bedhead. Then we finished it off with a boho mirror daubed with white chalk paint.

The “now this is” living room

Unfortunately, the original mantle in the living room had been hacked apart in order to make way for a large TV. A pet hate of ours, as we believe a TV should not be the centrepiece for the living area. Instead, a room should have other focal points that catch the eye.

With this in mind, we found a stunning mantle in Newcastle and sanded it back to the wood. It was then stained to match the floorboards.

The coffee table was hunted down on Gumtree from a Tasmanian apple farmer. To protect it from damage, we had the glass cut to shape. And to add a further splash of homeliness, we purchased a pair of beautifully patinaed sofas off Facebook and had them professionally cleaned.

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